New webinar and update on the MitID migration process

Join our next live 30 minutes Signicat MitID Migration update webinar. We will release important new migration learnings and share news from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen about MitID and also share what you need to know about test in MitID preproduction. 

  • April 13 2021

  • 09:00-09:30

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Improve the migration journey from NemID to MitID

Join our new live 30 minutes MitID migration update webinar April 13, 09:00-09:30.

In the previous MitID Migration webinars in both 2020 and 2021 we shared the main functionality and the scope of the additional features in the new MitID offering. Watch the recordings here.

In this new update MitID webinar we will share new details about MitID from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen and demonstrate what you need to know about how to test in preproduction.

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Meet the speakers

Henrik Hansen | DK Pre-Sales | Signicat

Helge Lund Kolstad | Customer Success Manager | Signicat

Lars Møller Kristensen | Country Product Manager DK | Signicat

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Find information about the migration process, with MitID as example, on our developer pages. 

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