The Future of Trust Online

The power of frictionless digital authentication – true win-win for businesses and consumers

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What if digital identity wasn’t an issue but a catalyst for your business? 

Electronic IDs (eIDs) can be viewed as the digital equivalent of the physical forms of ID we use in the real world. Trusted digital identity enables you to exploit the possibilities of digital channels, while providing your customers a frictionless experience while signing up or purchasing services online. A true win-win situation.

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  1. Understand the challenges of establishing trust online
  2. Discover the concept of trusted digital identity
  3. Learn how 90% reach of eIDs has transformed digital business in the Nordics

Key takeaways about electronic IDs


Consumers want signing up to be quick and easy


eIDs are the digital equivalent of physical IDs


Trusted digital identity unlocks business opportunities

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Service providers using eID solutions are able to save money, bring in more customers, and minimize the burden of compliance.

Learn why eIDs are transforming the digital business landscape

Trusted digital identity unlocks business opportunities while allowing the consumers to maintain control over what information they share with you.

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