Transform your digital onboarding with integrated identity verification

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14 minutes. That’s all you’ve got.

The average consumer expects to complete digital onboarding within minutes, without repetitive data entry or any paperwork. Companies around the world are struggling to stay within this limit while compliance puts pressure on customer experience - but there is a solution.

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  1. Discover how you can seamlessly integrate identity verification with your onboarding process.
  2. Understand how identity verification can be coupled with various registry lookups or attributes.
  3. Learn how a strategic approach to digital identity has been the catalyst for a new generation of fully digital, rapidly expanding banks in the Nordics. 

Getting digital customer onboarding right


How is digital identity verification connected to conversions? 


How integrated digital identity can support compliance processes? 


How you can accelerate time to market by working with digital identity specialists? 

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“It’s not easy to find a partner that shares the same mindset, but Signicat was able to visualize the future in the same way.”

Daan van den Eshof, Product Manager, Rabo eBusiness

Discover how Signicat helped Rabo eBusiness

Rabobank wanted a digital platform that made onboarding more efficient, and ultimately increased conversions. Read how Signicat used its own digital technology to build a solution which increased online sign-up and saved Rabobank over €500,000.

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