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eSigning made easy

Say goodbye to paper with Signicat Sign Portal, a powerful and convenient portal that facilitates electronic signing of documents.

The web-based portal leverages electronic identities (eIDs), such as BankID (Norway and Sweden), NemID (Denmark) and FTN-approved bank credentials in Finland to ensure a seamless signing experience for the signer, and efficient signing process management for you.

  1. Verified electronic signing with eIDs
  2. Legally-binding contracts
  3. Mobile-friendly e-signing portal
  4. No integration or software download
  5. Advanced security
  6. GDPR-compliant

Signicat Sign Portal in action

Electronic signing with BankID, NemID & Mobiilivarmenne _ Signicat Sign Portal

Streamlines signing and replaces paper-based signing processes
Sales: contracts, proposals, licences • HR: employment offers, NDAs, benefits enrolments • Legal and compliance: Data processing agreements and more • Finance: Rental agreements, approval forms and more

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Signicat’s Sign Portal offers verified electronic signatures through one simple online interface. The portal facilities signing of contracts, agreements and other important documents by leveraging eIDs, which allow you to be sure of who signed the document. 

Verified electronic signatures

Signicat Sign Portal verifies the identity of the signer by connecting to electronic IDs. This gives you the security of knowing who signed the document and when this happened, and allows you to safely digitise signing of even the most important and sensitive documents.

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