A Buyer's Guide to Evaluating Electronic Signing Solutions

The demand for electronic signatures has grown as processes get digitized. Download this buyer’s guide to understand what to consider when selecting an electronic signing solution.

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The key questions to ask when choosing an electronic signing solution

Choosing the right approach for electronic signing for your organisation requires understanding and considering several aspects of electronic signatures. Trust is at the core of these considerations, and is the underlying element in signatures as well.

When choosing an electronic signing solution, we recommend considering the following key questions.

  1. How many electronic signings do you expect to do?
  2. What sort of use cases will you encounter?
  3. How sure do you need to be on the identity of those signing?
  4. Do you have any business system workflow you need to integrate with?
  5. How future-proof do you need your executed agreements to be?
  6. Can you trust your provider?

3 reasons to go for electronic signing


An electronic signature can be significantly more secure than paper-based signings.


Electronic agreements can be signed at a fraction of the time of paper-based agreements.


Signing electronically also results in reduced paper usage and transport.

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As more processes get digitised, it’s no wonder the demand for electronic signatures has grown. But there are a lot of options out there for solutions – businesses need to be smart when choosing a solution that first their specific needs.

Free checklist: Your guide to choosing the right electronic signature provider

This guide also includes an 10-point checklist that you can use to ensure you’re selecting the right electronic signature provider for your business. Click below to download the guide now:

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