Webinar: Outsourcing remote onboarding in compliance with EBA guidelines

  • November 22, 2023
  • 1:00-2:00 CET
  • English

Join our free webinar to learn about remote onboarding compliance, where we cover EBA Guidelines, Signicat's approach, and insights from Rabobank, providing practical insights to navigate the regulatory environment effectively.


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Rabobank Signicat


1. EBA Guidelines for Remote Onboarding

Background and Objectives | Harmonisation within the EU | Recommendations and Timelines

2. Signicat's Approach to Compliance

How Signicat Helps Customers Achieve Compliance | Strategies for Meeting Regulations (e.g., DORA)

3. EBA Outsourcing Guidelines

The Importance of Supplier Compliance | Designing Workflow Strategies

4. Rabobank's Compliance Perspective

Due Diligence and DORA Implementation | Outsourcing Best Practices | Criteria for Vendor Selection | Insights from Rabobank's Onboarding Team

Meet our Speakers

Antti Kela

Antti Kela

Sales Executive at Signicat, CAMS, Adv. Cert. in practical CDD

Jon Ølnes

Jon Ølnes

Tribe Lead and Product Manager at Signicat

Sandor Welfing

Sandor Welfing

Head of Supply Risk Management and Oversight at Rabobank

Thomas Kjøglum

Thomas Kjøglum

Chief Information Security Officer at Signicat