Signicat MitID Webinar II: Take your digital experience to a new level by considering the entire digital identity lifecycle​​

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  • Wednesday May 13, 9-10 o'clock CET

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advanced authentication

You will need a broker to help you connect to MitID

Signicat is the first private vendor that has been certified for the MitID broker process

The broker role is a core service that Signicat already provides in other countries than Denmark.

With MitID, you are able to do SSO or "single sign on" between your applications or partners, for instance between an insurance company and a bank. 

The MitID infrastructure has functionality and hence also complexity beyond what is normally found for an eID scheme. SSO is just one of those functionalities. The clear statement from Signicat is that we will support all functionality available – professional roles (the Erhvervs-API), SSO internally and with other brokers, use of risk data for authentication context. 

The webinar will be presented by Lars Møller Kristensen, Country Product Manager DK, Signicat and Jens Walbjørn, Sales Director Denmark, Signicat.

The webinar will be given in English. 

  1. Behind the scene, an infrastructure for single sign-on (SSO) between services is established. 
  2. The MitID infrastructure will enable brokers to utilise context information to evaluate the risk of the situation at hand.
  3. MitID does not support signing.

Meet the speakers


Lars Møller Kristensen | Country Product Manager, DK | Signicat

Lars Møller Kristensen is a pioneer in the electronic ID, digital signatures, security and trust space with over 20 years' experience. Before joining Signicat almost 10 years ago, Lars was part of the first Danish Digital Identity scheme and here after part of the project group forming NemID.


Jens Walbjørn | Sales Director | Signicat

Jens Walbjørn has been with Signicat for 4 years. Before joining Signicat, Jens worked for Oracle as a Nordic Partner Sales Manager and Microsoft as Solutions Sales Professional and BEA Systems as Business Development Manager. 

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Join our live webinar and learn more. As you may be aware, NemID is being replaced with MitID in 2021.

Our customers include

Societe General
Saxo Bank
Schibsted Media Group
Konica Minolta
Statens Pensjonskasse