MitID eGuide: Complete guide to transition fromNemID to MitID

2021 will bring significant changes to Danish digital identity infrastructure. Our guide will help you navigate the migration and choose the best MitID broker for your business. 

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Choosing the right MitID broker

This eGuide is here to help you understand the basics of the new national ID solution in Denmark and to help you prepare for the transition from NemID to MitID. 


Due to a fundamental infrastructural change from NemID to MitID companies that today use NemID for onboarding of clients or for authentication purposes will no longer be able to integrate to the ID solution on their own, but need to engage with a certified MitID broker. 


The choice of broker is likely to determine the value that the company subsequently derives from MitID. And the purpose of this guide is to help you as a company prepare for this strategically important choice of broker and to be able to ask the right questions and set the right requirement when making your choice. 


Download the report to learn more:

  1. Does the broker offer an enterprise-ready electronic signing solution? 
  2. Can the broker meet your eID needs now and in the future? 
  3. Is the broker listed by EU as a Qualified Trusted Service Provider?

What Signicat can offer as a strategic partner

Signicat’s Digital Identity Platform is a comprehensive solution that facilitates a fully digital identity lifecycle with your digital customer journey: from identity verification, validation through registry lookups, secure authentication and electronic signing for high customer engagement. Signicat’s platform will deliver a consistent customer experience and streamlined vendor management for your organisation. 

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