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Balancing Security and Convenience: Identity Verification & Authentication made easy

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Identity verification is the first step in the journey of the digital customer.

From there, Authentication is the first thing to do when returning. Balancing security & convenience and creating a seamless experience for customers is essential to keeping customers happy and minimizing churn rates: Identity Assurance done correctly is an essential step towards success in digital business.

This report covers:

  1. Today's challenges in ID verification and authentication
  2. The Signicat approach
  3. Action plan for integrated ID verification and authentication

Best practices for ID verification and authentication


Simplify and streamline your online customer journey


Straight through processing for your customers


How to take an outside-in approach to digital business

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Success of new business in the midst of digital transformation is coupled with a simple customer journey and everyday access, starting with convenient identity verification.

Martin Kuppinger

Get your action plan for integrated ID verification and authentication

Technology for a seamless Identity Assurance experience is here. It's about using this technology in the right way, taking the customer perspective and giving the desired flexibility, that is well-balanced with regulatory requirements.

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