Expect More, Achieve More: How You Can Grow Compliantly with Signicat Solutions

  • Webinar
  • February 28, 2024
  • 16:00-16:45 CET
  • Language: English

Join us for an insightful webinar that delves into the Total Economic Impact study of Signicat—an in-depth analysis shaping the digital landscape.


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Pinar Alpay, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Signicat, along with Forrester experts Andras Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Alexis Ouelhadj, Consultant, will explore pivotal findings and address the outcomes achievable through collaborative, compliant engagement with Signicat. Uncover the transformative potential that awaits your business as we journey through the landscape of digital identity together.


Agenda and central topics:

  • Conversion Rate: Exploring what the conversion rate signifies for both us and our customers.

  • Fraud and its Reduction: Underscoring the significance of fraud reduction.

  • Market Expansion with our eID Hub: Examining our role in market expansion through the utilization of our eID hub.

  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Reflecting on the efficiency gains and time saved. 

Meet our Speakers & Guests

Pinar Alpay-1

Pinar Alpay

Chief Product & Marketing Officer | Signicat

With leadership roles at Worldpay/FIS, Bain & Company, and Barclaycard, along with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, Pinar Alpay brings a wealth of international experience. Pinar has successfully blended strategy consulting with entrepreneurship, showcasing her skills in both corporate and creative spheres. Now, at Signicat, she leads product and marketing efforts as one of the key figures in the organisation.

Andras Cser

Andras Cser

Vice President, Principal Analyst | Forrester

Andras is a leading expert in identity and access management (IAM), biometric authentication, and cloud security. Currently covering customer-facing IAM, enterprise fraud management, and compliance in IAM, as well as cloud workload security and access management. With a background as a security architect and experience in Fortune 500 IAM implementations, Andras brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the field. Holding an MBA from the Technical University of Budapest and Heriot-Watt University, as well as an MSc in computer science and electrical engineering, Andras is a seasoned professional in the security and risk domain.

Alexis Ouelhadj

Alexis Ouelhadj

Consultant | Forrester

Alexis is a consultant working across different consulting verticals within the EMEA region, including Strategy, Market Impact, and TEI. In this role, he works with Forrester’s clients to measure and articulate the business value and financial impact of technology and investment decisions. Before joining Forrester, Alexis worked as a research content specialist with Gartner where he helped technology vendors on their needs related to the application software market. Alexis holds a bachelor’s in business administration with minors in Philosophy and Information Systems from the University of Florida.