New European Identity: eIDAS 2.0 and its interplay with existing eID solutions

  • March 20, 2024
  • 10:00-11:00 CET
  • English
  • Webinar

Learn about the implications of eIDAS 2.0 and the European Digital Identity Wallet for companies currently using eID and Trust services.


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eIDAS 2 webinar
Signicat GTF SK ID Solutions

Join industry experts in a panel discussion on the implications of eIDAS 2.0 and the European Digital Identity Wallet for companies currently using eID and Trust Services.

Learn how to prepare for the European Digital Identity Wallet, how to leverage it for business benefits in parallel with other eID schemes, how it will impact existing eID providers in the market, how it might become a game-changer, but also about the risks that can limit its success.



  • Jon Shamah, Co-Founder of Global Trust Foundation

  • Kalev Pihl, CEO at SK ID Solutions AS

  • Jon Ølnes, Tribe Lead and Product Manager at Signicat

  • Janne Jutila, Head of Business Alliances at Signicat


Gain insights on key strategies for implementation, including customer onboarding, authentication, and efficient signing while managing digital evidence. Don't miss out on staying ahead in the evolving landscape of digital identity and trust services.


About eIDAS 2.0

eIDAS 2.0, the latest iteration of the EU's Electronic Identification and Trust Services regulation, represents a significant step forward in shaping the future of digital identity in Europe. It provides a unified framework centred on Digital Identity Wallets. It enhances security, simplifies identity management, and boosts trust across all sectors.

All Member States must ensure a European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW) offering to citizens by mid-2026. Government services and many services in the private sector will be obliged to accept the EDIW during 2027, and the goal is that 80% of Europeans will use an EDIW by 2030.

Formal adoption of eIDAS 2.0 is in early 2024, but implementation has already started with four large-scale pilot projects, where Signicat participates in two of them. Join our webinar to learn how to leverage eIDAS 2.0 for business benefits and compliance.

Meet the Speakers

Jon Shamah

Jon Shamah

Co-Founder of Global Trust Foundation

Jon Shamah is a recognised digital identity and trust expert, acknowledged for his leadership in shaping eID strategies and policies. Listed in the One World Top 100 Leaders in Identity in 2017, he is also a frequent public speaker on identity and trust issues. With extensive experience consulting for organisations like the Nordic Banking and Payments Consortium and contributing to various European Programs, Jon collaborates with organisations such as ENISA on eID and CyberSecurity standards, while advising governments on eID Strategy and policy.

Kalev Pihl

Kalev Pihl

CEO at SK ID Solutions AS

Kalev Pihl is a central figure in Estonia's digital identity realm, renowned for his pivotal role in the Estonian ID-card project. His leadership has significantly influenced electronic services, shaping the nation's technological trajectory. Kalev has led SK ID Solutions' expansion as EU QTSP with offices in 3 member states and selling services to 20+ countries. He has also participated in several international research and development projects on eID and electronic signature – paving the way for better identity management internationally.

Jon Olnes Signicat

Jon Ølnes

Tribe Lead and Product Manager for Signing and Trust Services at Signicat

Jon Ølnes brings over 25 years of experience in electronic identity (eID), electronic signatures and trust services. With a diverse background encompassing roles as a researcher, consultant, and professional in both private and public sectors, Jon has been integral in driving product development at Signicat for the European markets. His insights at the intersection of politics, law, and technology contribute to policy-level discussions on eID and trust services in Europe. A sought-after speaker, Jon frequently shares his insights at events on the European scene.

Janne Jutila

Janne Jutila

Head of Business Alliances at Signicat

Janne Jutila is a seasoned business development leader and digital identity specialist. Since 2010, he has been deeply involved in Digital Identity, holding leadership, business development, and sales roles across Europe and globally. Within Signicat, he is the Head of Business Alliances and leads the payments and wallets expert group. Prior to his focus on digital identity, Janne worked in start-ups and held senior management roles in the ICT sector and investment banking. Armed with a strong knowledge of eIDAS 2.0, he offers valuable insights into navigating this evolving landscape.