Know Your Business: Automating Digital Identification of Corporate Customers

Welcome to the wonderful world of identity proofing

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In this guide we will focus on the automation of customer onboarding processes. When done right, automation greatly improves the onboarding and identification of corporate customers. The benefits range from faster processing times to minimising the possibility of human error.

AML Self Dec

Sign up – onboard new customers

Accept new customers online by doing an identity check automatically in real-time as part of your digital onboarding. Identify who has signatory rights and who are the decision makers. Our product allows you to meet KYB compliance requirements while speeding up the onboarding process. You also get to reduce costs by cutting off manual steps in your onboarding.

Sign in – serve existing customers

Offer your users a smooth and secure customer journey. Our multi-factor login includes electronic IDs, biometric scanning, a dedicated mobile app, and SMS/email OTP. Your customers will have flexibility to use the methods they are most comfortable with. They can also set up corporate roles and assign access rights. Easy to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out.

Sign it – legally binding electronic signatures

Signicat offers 100% verified and secure digital signatures that hold up in any court. They are compliant with the strictest EU-regulations, including AES/QES, eIDAS and PAdES. Signatures are timestamped and verified with digital identification. On top of everything, with Signicat you identify the correct persons who have signatory rights in their company.