Analyst Case Study: The business case of becoming a Digital Identity Service Provider

Rabo eBusiness Digital Identity Service Provider is a joint venture with Signicat. It represents a new business model and revenue stream for the bank, and brings significant savings to enterprise clients.

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Celent Model Bank 2019 Award Winners

Rabo eBusiness – a joint venture between Rabobank and Signicat –  is the first bank-led Digital Identity Service Provider in the Netherlands. Through Rabo eBusiness, Rabobank is clearly demonstrating leadership in what banks can achieve in the digital identity space and is a deserving winner of Celent’s Model Bank 2019 award for Identity Management.

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  1. How Rabobank leveraged digital identity to create a new business model and a new revenue stream
  2. Why a bank and fintech partnership can deliver new value for customers
  3. How enterprise clients have saved €1.5 million by eliminating manual identity checks

Indicators of success


New business model and revenue stream


15 new Rabo eBusiness customers since 2017


€1.5 million saved and increased customer conversion

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In order to be able to offer technology and a high-quality and safe range of products, we have opted not to develop it ourselves, but instead to collaborate with a well-established strategic player. Signicat has a proven Digital Identity Service platform that is considered leading in the Nordics, a mature digital identity market.

Alexander Zwart, Head of Digital Channels & CX, Rabobank

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With Signicat as a provider of a proven identity technology platform, and with Rabobank’s customer base, trusted name, and experience, Rabo eBusiness is well positioned for success in the Netherlands and beyond.

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