Electronic signatures save time and paper, but pairing them with digital identity verification opens up a new world of possibilities.

Download the eGuide to discover how integrated identity verification in electronic signatures work, and how you can use them to digitalize paper-based processes or leverage the technology to develop new services. 

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Electronic signatures are the future. But how to leverage their full potential?

The move towards the paperless office is now inevitable. But in this new digital age, you need to ensure watertight levels of security. Electronic signatures are only as secure as the processes you put in place.

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  1. Learn how you can bring a new dimension to electronic signatures by coupling it with identity verification.
  2. Discover the benefits of verified electronic signatures in various industries.
  3. Learn how electronically signed documents can be preserved for decades to come.

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What specific security challenges does my industry face?


What different types of electronic signature are available?

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Electronic signatures are much more than a scribble on a screen –download our eguide to learn how you can benefit from electronic signatures with integrated identity verification.

How secure is electronic signing?

Electronic signing is here to stay. However, we know that a simple touchpad scribble isn’t enough in your industry. You need to verify that the signatory is who they say they are. And you need to ensure that the document itself can’t be tampered with.

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