The Battle to Onboard 2020: The impact of Covid and beyond

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Over a third of European consumers unable to access financial services during lockdown

Research from Signicat has revealed that 41% of consumers across Europe have been unable to access financial services thanks to a combination of pandemic lockdown restrictions and lack of access to digital options. The research also discovered that two-thirds of consumers expected 100% digital onboarding of customers to be available.

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  1. Two thirds of consumers see COVID as a catalyst for digitalization
  2. Only 1 in 5 consumers are understanding when banks can't offer digital onboarding
  3. 70% of consumers have an account with a digital first/challenger bank

100% digital banking in demand


"The majority of consumers want the option of banking 100% digitally, including the initial application and onboarding. Digital onboarding is in fact crucial, as consumers will see it as a preview of the service—a poor user experience will lead to many abandoned applications. Digital channels can no longer be regarded as points of service, they are points of sale too." – Asger Hattel, Signicat CEO

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